Monday, 27 June 2011

Wonderful Stoats

The Stoat is one of my favorite animals, and yesterday I experienced
the truly magical scene of two juvenile stoats play-fighting, their
rough and tumble antics were just mesmerizing and their energy was
just boundless.

This was one of those very special moments, and it's one that I will
never forget. Wonderful Stoats indeed!!!

Cheers to Glyn, Gary and Kev, it was a cracking day and as always
it was a real laugh.

And a big thanks goes to Jay and Jimmy for showing us round, cheers fellas.

Until next time, thanks for looking.



  1. Truly "Wonderful" Andy - as always cracking photo's, Mr T.

  2. Sandra Hendrikse28 June 2011 at 00:22

    What a fantastic, special and impressive series, Andy. Very well done!

  3. Andy, these stoat images are absolutely top-notch. I have enjoyed looking at them. The capturing of behaviour is excellent and the images are so crisp.

    Beautiful. You must be very proud of them.