Monday, 1 August 2011

Up on the Dales

Last Tuesday I paid a visit to the Yorkshire Dales, where I'd set out in
search of a new site for Red Grouse, and I certainly discovered one. I found
a location about 2000ft up that was just bursting with grouse and a plethora
of other species too.

The highlight of the trip was finding the stunning Short-eared Owl, I came
across the owl at about 5am and I only wish it had been a little later in
the day when the light would have been better, but it was still a very special encounter.

I think I'll be heading back one evening this week to try and photograph this
bird in the lovely evening light, so fingers crossed.

Until next time, thanks for looking.


1 comment:

  1. A beautiful set of images Andy, especially the SEO which is an absolute favourite of mine. Well worth getting up early for.

    I think all of these images are of excellent quality - you have really used the early-morning light to stunning effect.