Sunday, 22 January 2012


Yesterday I met up with my good friend and Yorkshire based wildlife photographer Steve Race, with not much about on the east coast we decided to have a crack at the local Waxwings which were feeding on some berries in a nearby retail park. Before yesterday I'd only ever seen one of these stunning Scandinavian migrants, so it was a big thrill to finally capture some shots of these gorgeous birds.

In the list on the right you will find Steve's blog where you can see some superb shots of these beautiful birds; so check it out.

Until next time, thanks for looking.



  1. Hi friends,

    Great position! Waxwings choose nest sites in places with rich supplies of fruit and breed late in the year to take advantage of summer ripening. Thanks for sharing it.....

  2. Hi Andy

    Very nice indeed. The poses are beautiful - I didn't even know we had them this year - not heard of any in Lancashire.