Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Snow Buntings

After the Barn Owl, this was the other species I was after on my recent trip to the North Norfolk coast. Snow Buntings are very smart little birds and this particular flock are very approachable and can be very confiding at times. The only downside is that these birds like to congregate in a very busy car park, which can make photographing them quite a frustrating experience, just as you're about to press the shutter along comes a car and scares them off, which happened all too often. If I'm honest I didn't get the shots I was after, but at least this gives me another excuse
to pay them another visit.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. Like the flight and reflection shots - again a different take than the usual.
    Great set of shots.

  2. Lovely lighting, really nice set of images! I can imgine dodging cars like that must be really frustrating!

  3. Lovely shot on the post Andy, and a rather good flight shot .

    They added a blog facility to zenfolio so I thought I 'd give it a go

  4. Cheers guys, your views are always appreciated.

    Just checked out your blog Andy, you have some superb images matey.

  5. I'm looking forward to the shots that you were really after Andy because these are superb.

  6. Hi Andy, i have found your amazing pics by google search for owls, i couldn´t miss to visit this fantastic blog..super!! Thank you so much for share such talk with your camera and you talk breath taking good!