Sunday, 11 November 2012


With the influx of Waxwings over the last week or so
I thought I'd have a crack at trying to capture some shots
of this gorgeous bird. So I made an early start and headed
off to a retail park on the east coast, if you want to see
Waxwings during the winter months then this is a good place
to try and find them, due to the high density of ornamental
fruiting trees that the Waxwings feed upon.

I managed a mixed bag of shots as photography can be quite
tricky in this sort of environment, it was just a shame that one
photographer decided he was going to park his car right next
to a tree that was full of fruit and in perfect light for most of the
morning, thus ruining the chance of some really good shots.

When I asked the guy if he thought he was a little too close, he
replied that the birds don't mind!!, so the day wasn't a complete
waste of time as I got to meet the famous Doctor Dolittle ;0

Until next time, thanks for dropping by



  1. Sweet shots! I love the first one - very original + the one contemplating the last berry.
    It was hard to comment on this as I had 2 tries at finding Waxwings today and found none :(

  2. Very nice images, Andy, especially, for me the one with the deep blue BG.


  3. Cheers guys, thanks for the feedback :)

  4. You lucky bugger ! Every year they've been near me, I miss 'em !