Sunday, 30 June 2013

Common Sandpiper

Yesterday morning I headed Up North once again, but this time I was looking
for a different species and not my beloved Common Snipe. Though the Snipe
were present I had Common Sandpiper on my mind and was really hoping to bag
a few shots of this very flighty species. After a 4 hour wait ( just about completed
Angry Birds ) the Common Sandpipers landed on my favourite dry stone wall and
gave some really close views, with the male was constantly calling to his mate. If I'm
not mistaken, I have shots of Common Snipe on this part of the wall, just wish it was
a little closer to home ;-)

Things are starting to slow down up on the  high moorland, and as High Summer fast
approaches it won't be to long before all the Springtime visitors all depart, thus making
shots more difficult to come by, so I was very pleased to capture these images.

Wherever possible I'm trying to shoot full frame and the benefits are plain to see, the
sheer amount of detail captured in the 7D RAW file is amazing. When you look at these
images in LR4 you can see every feather filament and every strand of the Lichen.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. geweldig mooi Andy vooral de grotere in raw zijn fantastisch je ziet heel het verenkleed haast veertje voor veertje.


  2. I agree re the RAW files and thanks very much, Nic.

  3. Very nice Andy. I was passing through there the other day and saw the Sandpipers on the bridge but they didn't hang around. Got a few images of that Black Grouse but he does look a bit scruffy!


  4. Cheers guys, your comments are very much appreciated.

  5. That is one hell of a wall! Composition and complimentary colours are just the business - does this smart little wader justice.

  6. Very beautiful pictures, I made some bird-photos, it is hard to catch the right moment.

  7. Cracking shots Andy love the setting


  8. all top notch images, as ever quality work


  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, it's very much appreciated :-)