Friday, 7 June 2013

Common Snipe

After dragging myself out of bed at 2am this morning, I headed up to
the Snipe site to see what was about. I arrived at about 4am and the
place was alive with calling birds, that gorgeous sound that Curlews
make filled the air and I spent a good thirty minutes just listening to
it. After a short drive up one of the tracks I found a superb Pheasant
that was in full display mode ( shots to follow in the next blog ) and he
put on a fantastic show. As the sun began to rise I got into position and
waited for the Snipe show to begin; and boy did it begin. For the first
time a female of the species turned up, and the two males decided to put
on a display fest in an attempt to impress the rather dainty female.

So here are a few shots from this mornings session, all are just about
Full Frame give or take a couple of pixels for straightening.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. Well worth the (ridiculously) early start, Andy. Looking forward to the pheasant.

  2. Great set Andy,love the forth image.

  3. Amazing shots Andy, I too like number four. Nick T.


  4. Ta very much, Nick. Hope you are doing well matey and say hello to Tony for me the next time you see him.