Monday, 12 August 2013

Red Grouse

Well, I managed to get out on Saturday morning and decided to visit the
Common Snipe site. Knowing what this place is like at this time of year
I wasn't holding my breath, and just as I thought it was very quiet indeed
with nothing much showing at all. The Snipe were noticeably absent as I
didn't see a single one, also most of the other waders have gone and to be
quite honest there wasn't very much of anything else. The one species there
was a lot of were the juvenile Meadow Pipits, now at this stage in their short
lives they are a real pain in the backside for the photographer, they fly around
in large flocks, making lots of noise and are way beyond skittish, if you do
happen to find something to photograph along come a flock of these little sods
and scare everything away. I did manage a few shots of Red Grouse, but that
was all unfortunately.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. Hi Andy

    Superb set and the first one is especially nice with the lovely lead line, via the wall. Excellent photography.

  2. Love the background texture in 1 and 3 - a bird I have never photographed despite having birds very close in the Pentlands.

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