Sunday, 8 July 2012

Little Owl

Whilst out looking for more Snipe yesterday morning, I came across this
little spud, I found him just a couple of miles down from where I photographed
the Snipe in my last blog entry. This gorgeous wild Little Owl allowed me to spend
over an hour with him, he was so relaxed, at times he nodded off for a couple
of minutes at a time, had a stretch and a preen and did what LO's do best.

I follow Paul Riddles "Owls About Than Then" blog to get my Little Owl
fix, Paul is the Jedi Master when it comes to wild LO's. So I have a question
for you Paul, this bird was very small, smaller than all the other Little Owls I
have seen and it was very confiding, allowing me to get frame filling shots, so
my question is could it be one of this years juveniles or does it look like an adult?

Until next time, thanks for dropping by



  1. Hi Andy, firstly can I say what stunning images of the LO. Secondly, I would be very confident in saying that the owl you took your images of is an adult bird. Sometimes they can be very confiding, especially in the breeding season. I would say the reason for your close up encounter is it had no reason to be scared of you, you must have approached it in such a way that is was comfortable with your presence, there is a lot to be said for good fieldcraft skills. Looking forward to your next encounter, maybe even some juveniles?

  2. Superb set,delightful little chap.

  3. Thanks JR and Sue :)

    Cheers Paul, you are so right about fieldcraft, it seems to be a dying art in this day and age.

    Keep up the excellent work with the Owls and take care.

  4. A wonderful encounter , nicely done :0)

  5. Beautiful work Andy. I'm a paper sculpture artist in Canada and I would love to do a sculpture of the preening Little Owl. Stunning shot. Please contact me so that we may discuss this further. Cheers,