Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wheatears and a Sprawk

Last week I made the trip to Spurn Point on the east coast, at this
time of year it's always a good place to visit, just in case something
rare turns up. I arrived early and made my way down the road that
leads to the point, and just before I reached the high lighthouse, in the
road sat a juvenile Sparrowhawk feeding on a small bird. Judging by
the size and leg/foot colour the prey looks like a Yellow-browed Warbler
which is a gorgeous little bird, just a shame it's breakfast for the Sprawk.

After the cracking start to the day with the Sparrowhawk, I concentrated
on the many Wheatears that frequent the sea wall just before the jetty, strong
winds made it slow going as everthing was keeping it's head down, but I
managed a few shots.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. I love the Sparrowhawk images Andy - the colour of the road is so complimentary to the colours of the bird itself. Beautiful yellow eyes.

  2. Stunning shots Andy - I can't recall having seen better Sparrowhawk shots anywhere.