Monday, 10 December 2012

Barn Owl

Some Barn Owl shots from earlier in the year, taken at one of my
favourite places on the North Norfolk Coast.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. Hi Andy

    Great series of Barnie images. You have managed the lovely light expertly in these, not a over-lit highlight in sight- not easy to do with a white bird! They are all lovely but the second is my favourite - a real story in that one.

  2. Oh I someone else has been doing some "barnie time", get series of images Andy.

  3. Running out of superlatives! I particularly like the 2nd shot over the reeds.

  4. Where were these taken? I'm trying to find some good spots to photograph owls (in north norfolk) - do you know any good spots where barn owls or any other owls visit regularly? Any info would be great!! Love your photos.