Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Good News

This morning I headed up to the Common Snipe site to see if they had
returned, and after the recent disturbance I wasn't too hopeful. An early
start was again the order of the day ( 02.30, these are getting harder and as
the year progresses they are going to get even earlier ). I arrived for sun up and
it was a perfect morning, with perfect light which is always good for photography.

After a quick survey of the site nothing was showing, but then there was the familiar
sound of a male Common Snipe displaying and marking out it's territory. After parking
up the 4X4 I had another quick scan with the binos and found this superb bird sat on
his shouting post; FANTASTIC, the Snipes were back!!!.

The very cold start to Springtime has put everything back by about a month or so, this
may be a blessing because if the Snipe had returned during the repair to the river bank
they may have well abandoned the site altogether.

Anyhoo, I am a happy bunny once again in the knowing that the Snipe have returned and
I'm hoping they have a good year. Also at the site were 2 pair of Common Sandpiper, so
with any luck I will be able to capture some shots of those too.

Same as last year, all the shots are just about Full Frame, give or take a couple of pixels.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.



  1. Cryptic plumaged birds always look amazing in sharp, close shots. Those ultra early starts are worth the bother!

  2. Beautiful shots Andy - well done - wish we had sites like this near us.